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The photoViewerFree is a dynamic photo gallery that loads photos from the provided XML or PHP file. When using the PHP file to load your photos all you have to do is put your photos in the photos folder and loading the files to a server and the data.php file will do all the work. Resize the photoViewerFree to any size you like and it will adjust all the elements dynamically. Enjoy this Free... more >
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user danhursty
danhursty 8 years ago

what would be the php script?

user abmed2
abmed2 9 years ago

how to make a costum description.

user Gustavinn
Gustavinn 9 years ago

Boa ;)

user noooploy
noooploy 10 years ago

Thank you it is cool

user Sphinsxo
Sphinsxo 10 years ago

A beauty... thanks

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