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Image Display

Smooth Display created with AS2 with FlashCS3 for XML Flash Menu Contest 2008
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user fvazquez
fvazquez 10 years ago

Sorry, but where's the XML file?

user ankur
ankur 1 decade ago

good work..........

user enmicenmiky
enmicenmiky 1 decade ago

Hello! I'm sorry but where can I get the XML file for this flash?

user enmicenmiky
enmicenmiky 1 decade ago

HellO! Is it possible to do it for Flash 9, AS 3.0? Cause when I opened in Flash CS4, the publish settings are still for Flash 8, AS 2.0. And when I change the publish settings and try to debug, it gives me error like..

"WARNING: Actions on button or MovieClip instances are not supported in ActionScript 3.0. All scripts on object instances will be ignored." and many more errors...

Please help! Thank You!

user jimai
jimai 1 decade ago

Would it be possible to get a version in Flash 8 please??

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