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user RubenBristian
RubenBristia.. (15)

Image Panning Component

What can you change from the Properties Panel?
- the size(width,height) of the component
- the content path of the picture/swf file
- the offset(how close you need to be from an edge to reach the end of the photo)
- preloader on/off
You can use this component in a lot of projects, especially image galleries. The component has a simple bar preloader, that shows up whenever something is...
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user rulexo
rulexo 13 years ago

Is there a limit to the dimensions of the image that is loaded?

i am loading a 3200 pixel wide jpg and it stops about 250 pixels before the end

user aSnO
aSnO 13 years ago

does this work with as3 documents?

user salmank
salmank 13 years ago

sooperB ... :)

user ankur
ankur 14 years ago

good work.........

user apitt
apitt 15 years ago

how do you set the contentPath dynamically using action-script instead of assigning it thru the component panel.

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