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Photo gallery with transitions AS 3.0

A beautiful photo gallery ,Polaroid type look that loads file from e external source, use transitions and is easy customizable. It is write with ActionScript 3.0
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user biochimistu
the listing author biochimistu 1 decade ago

Tell me where the problem is. Maybe I made a mistake or maybe you are making some mistake.

user jollyo
jollyo 1 decade ago

Good effort for a tutorial.
As noobie to Flash, I found it frustrating since it does not work if you follow the tutorial verbatim. E.g. instance of "frame" not defined. Layer message has not been inserted. Until one downloads the sample, one cannot get the example to work due to bugs in the tutorial.

..but still, thx !

user injektil0
injektil0 1 decade ago

need more tweak ...