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PHP Gallery

Hi all,
as promised this is the PHP version of XML Gallery 4!! Now it's easier than ever, just put your photos in the "images" folder and that's all! No more XML files, no need to specifiy if the photo is vertical or horizontal, it's soooo easy!!
For convenience I left the XML file in the .zip, so if you prefer to use the XML version (mainly to check the flash locally if you don't have a local...
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user thomcomstock
thomcomstock 6 years ago

I cannot seem to get the images to load for the PHP version despite having created and populated an "images" sub-directory. The XML version works fine when I un-comment it.

user girish_gulhane
girish_gulhane 8 years ago

This is not AS3 :(

user RaydenCruz
RaydenCruz 10 years ago

Error in the Flash file. =(

user psionics
psionics 1 decade ago

the file .fla inside th zip is corrupted.. please re-upload.. thanks..

user _zemial_
_zemial_ 1 decade ago

Nice.. but photon inverse ....hmmm

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