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Scrolling photos loaded dynamically with ActionScript 3.

In this tutorial we will learn how to scroll some photos that we will load dynamically from an xml file and we will scroll the photos using a custom scrollbar. We will use again the Tweener class to add a nice transition. You can add as much photos as you like.
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user devin.sherin
devin.sherin 1 decade ago

where are the step by step tutorial instructions?

user ceciliavacca
ceciliavacca 1 decade ago

Vi que no funcionaba porque faltaba un archivo. Aqui esta la respuesta. Bajenselo y listo. -633903/

user vanithain2002
vanithain2002 1 decade ago

i cannot scoll the content..

Iam receiving the error:

TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
at gallery_scrolling_fla::MainTimeline/chec kingProgress()

is there any problem in addTween?

user tri_usha
tri_usha 1 decade ago

its nice

user alio
alio 1 decade ago

Please delete this and my previos comment.
Okay, I solved it with othet biochimistu's file (AS 3.0 Scrollbar with wheel enabled).

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