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user gimral
gimral (4)

Simple SlideShow with 18 transition effects

A Simple SlideShow with 18 different transition effects.(With over 100 combinations).

Dont worry about the Flash 11. You can create a new project in Flash CS3 and set the document class to file.
All of the project is coded in AS3. No timeline elements. For flash player 10.

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user ekojogja
ekojogja 8 years ago

very nice

user sayaligole
sayaligole 10 years ago

@girmal please help

user sayaligole
sayaligole 10 years ago

how do u use a single transition(say circle) for all images?

user dtripodes
dtripodes 12 years ago opens fine - but gallery.fla reports "Unexpected file format."

user dtripodes
dtripodes 12 years ago

Great transitions - thank you. I cannot open the .fla in CS3 - what version is it in? Is there a version for CS3?

Also, I can change itemArea property in the xml file, but the .swf has extra white space if I make it smaller.

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