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XML Gallery 2

OK, it seems that my last post (actually the very first one) was a total failure, so here it is again.
This is a modified version of the XML Gallery Cross posted few weeks ago here on FFILES. Badawe made a great work on it, I've just modified a little bit to let you drag and drop the photos (now you have to double click on the photo in order to open it).
Please webmaster, delete my previous...
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user _zemial_
_zemial_ 1 decade ago

for "" look at

user jonreese
jonreese 1 decade ago

Right when I open your zip file, open the FLA, and immediately export, it's giving me 2 errors about requiring and not finding: #include "" Anyone else having this issue? How do I fix?

user t.fushimi
t.fushimi 1 decade ago

verygoodI like it

user quincy6541
quincy6541 1 decade ago

I have a question....I think this is a great gallery....Has anyone done a standalone version?...(not as direct load, but as a standalone executable file? which could be "pasted" onto a page .....can anyone make one, or help me to make one?....Im not very avid on flash yet, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated....

user _zemial_
_zemial_ 1 decade ago

If the rotation could be controlled... It would be great
Nice work