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user raptormax
raptormax (3)

XML Gallery with title and info text

This is my Gallery with title and information text for every picture in each category(with own category text). It's full dynamic with XML-file.
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user raptormax
the listing author raptormax 12 years ago

Thanks for all comments :)

user frankfritz
frankfritz 12 years ago

Really neat, I like it a lot

user fangge.8888
fangge.8888 13 years ago

user Barbaragui
Barbaragui 14 years ago

hi, I like very much this gallery.
I would like to now how can I make longer the square. I have a problem with my images because when I make longer squares I broke the images.

user deepaksahi
deepaksahi 14 years ago

if you can give a full screen feature on click or any kind of zoom and Different Sizes fit.. that would make it an awesome gallery.. it is awesome right now.. but that will make it super awesome

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