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XML Image Rotator

Please visit "author URL".

Everything's in a single XML file
-Change the type of animation for the drop down header (Bounce / Slide)
-Change the speed of the image transition and drop down header
-Change the transparency of the background of the drop down header
-Change the size of the banner
-Unlimited images

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xml image rotator

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user wiyono
wiyono 8 years ago

Can i give the menu.. with text.. thank you.

user kimozabeach
kimozabeach 9 years ago

how to add a link to the images or text?

user heynrich
heynrich 9 years ago

how to add a lik to the images ?

user mogyorogyozo
mogyorogyozo 9 years ago

Hi nfilatov!
If you want to change fonts on flash file (banner.fla): just double click in Library on Vfont symbol, change font in the Font Symbol Properties, after save and closed. If you want to change the pictures, easy, but look in the images.xml file image path, and images filenames, so important:

<image path="images/image4.jpg" title="The Fourth Title" >
<description>The Fourth Description</description>

That will fill the bill...:)hope!

user nfilatov
nfilatov 9 years ago

Ive spent the last 4 Hours trying to implement this. I want to put it on home page with xml and images in a seperate folder ons erver. When i load page no images or text come up. only a black empty and lonely flash play pops up. Please help!

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