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XML Photo Gallery


- Left and right keys can be used to navigate through the photos.
- Next and previous buttons.
- Automatic resizing border.
- Dynamic background colour changing with every image.
- Fade in effect.
- Modified right click menu.
- When resizing the window, the content will remain in its original size and always centered.
- Captions shown by XML which move with the image.
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user MikeThePike
MikeThePike 1 decade ago

Hi Raisa.
Thanks - finally I found your script - it was just what I needed. You have done a very good job with the gallery, very nice. The only thing is that I would like the url's to be working properly. Now I can't find a way to make it work. I want either the image to be clickable or the captions.
Could you please help me.
Regards Mike

user jesseedwards
jesseedwards 1 decade ago

I embedded this into a html file and now it's not working. Please let me know how I can remedy this...

user envisageiam
envisageiam 1 decade ago

Great work, simple and effective! To add additional images do any changes need to be made to the AS or just the XML file, I cant seem to get the flash file to recognize additional images in the XML file. Thanks.

user onlineinsite
onlineinsite 1 decade ago

How do you change the font for the image description tags? I can't seem to find a way to do this via XML or within the file?? Thanks!

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 1 decade ago

You have flash 6, see next to download button on each page it says version (v6.0, v7.0, etc) if you have flash CS 3 that is flash V9.0 and all files will work for you. So you need a newer flash program.

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