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This is a XML driven slide gallery, the onRelease function for the enlarge buttons how ever isn't dynamically loaded and have to be manually inserted. Would be great if someone could please help me with this, thanks. Enjoy!
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user zagweb
zagweb 9 years ago

Where is the file "mc_tween2.as"? Great job! :-)

user thelilit
thelilit 10 years ago

Exelente justo lo que necesitaba!

user energie82
energie82 1 decade ago

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha o riniel wtf u doing here. its david

user wiyono
wiyono 1 decade ago

Can you tell me how to otomatis move left and right too?

ex: as2, onEnterframe { bild.moveleft....}

Thank you

user wiyono
wiyono 1 decade ago

Thank you so much.... you are the best in the world...
Thank you.. thank you... Regard from Indonesia..

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