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XML Slide Show

A simple XML slide show made with flash mx 2004.
It has a text preloader for each image.

In xml file you can set the time to display each image:
<options display_time="4000" />
That means each image will show for 4 seconds.
The images to be displayed are also set by xml file:
<image path="image1.jpg"/>
<image path="image2.jpg"/>
You can add or remove as many images as you like....
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user ede_gent
ede_gent 9 years ago

After the last pic is shown, the transition stops instead of starting again with the first file.

user ede_gent
ede_gent 9 years ago

Thanks for the useful file !
Pitty i does no automatic resizing for .swf files. Your file does load .swf files, but displays only the top of e.g. a document therefore.

user parvez.mustafa
parvez.mustafa 1 decade ago

just amazing

user curtman
curtman 1 decade ago

it'd be nice if had some sorta fade or transition. . .. .

user chacahal
chacahal 1 decade ago

I'm trying to have each swf to go to a web link when clicked. How would you do that? Thanks a lot upfront!