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XML Slideshow Gallery

ActionScript 3.0 Slideshow that loads images from a XML, easy to customize. i will be making some updates to this gallery ;)
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user cococo
cococo 9 years ago

Hi, how can I change the description text and it is possible to do links with it? Thanks

user fabnun
fabnun 9 years ago

Hi lucaz.. Very cool script, How i can send xml path as parameter?

user kia
kia 10 years ago


user allthewritestuff
allthewritestuff 10 years ago

I have CS4. Could you advise on how to combine all the package elements?

user helkariel
helkariel 10 years ago

Hi lucaz, why i cant import the swf in my .php page if this is in a diferent folder?
How can i import 2 times your gallerie in my principal page with diferents images?
Thanks, and sorry for my english.

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