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user mc9625
mc9625 (6)

XML Web Gallery Revisited

Hi, I've just modified a little bit the great work made by Badawe, and already available on this site. Now you can move the photos (Drag&Drop) and double click to open them.
I'm not a good programmer at all, I think it could be a great to add two things: 1) avoid to open two photos at the same time. 2) add a little bit of inertia when you drop the photo.
Again, thanks Badawe for his great job!!

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user rizwanzakir
rizwanzakir 1 decade ago

What if I want to add a next and previous button with the images, how is it possible? do you have some Hint? or have you created such version as well?

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 1 decade ago

mc9625, I modified this file so that it doesnt load content form other websites, that is not OK.

user smuppet
smuppet 1 decade ago

o q esse: #include "" ???

user centolla
centolla 1 decade ago

Bueno, a have a cuestion. how do yo modify the background color of the gallery. I try modify the color, but i cant. I dont speak english very well,

user pirez
pirez 1 decade ago

goodness how do you manage to do this?maybe you can give me some tips on how all this is possible?