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user dariolavora
dariolavora (2)

zoom pan gallery XML

This is a XML image gallery, building from an open source file created by

You can see the original work from "listing url".

I hope you enjoy this work!

Listing url:
13296 downloads, 55928 views

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user alanhfs
alanhfs 9 years ago

Nice job!

user cipo2k4
cipo2k4 1 decade ago

I need prev button... how can i put this button on thumb?


user clbrown
clbrown 1 decade ago

I would like to modify this and use it online. I could not find any other way to request permission.

user ericfontoura
ericfontoura 1 decade ago

It's ok , now! I use this.thumb_container._y=100;

user ericfontoura
ericfontoura 1 decade ago

Hi! Excellent file, but I have a doubt: when I change de y position of mask and thumbnails mc, it's generates an error when the thumbnails loops in the swf...can you help me??

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