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user arc600
arc600 (1)

Gravity and Bounce

Click on the screen. Keep your cursor over the screen. Hold down the space bar.

By changing a couple of settings in this file you can change the gravity, bounce, as well as initial left or right direction and left or right after bounce. You can also change the frequency and number of balls.

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gravity bounce

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user macphoto
macphoto 7 years ago

Are you able to produce interactive and animated projects that are HTML5, mobile friendly?

user eb_ok
eb_ok 13 years ago


user b2rana
b2rana 14 years ago

yes, now it work. Thanks...

user arc600
the listing author arc600 14 years ago

You have to click on the screen, then press the space bar, or hold it down. Please give it another try. If you still don't see anything I don't know why, it works when I try it.

user b2rana
b2rana 14 years ago

it doesnot show anything

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