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Here is a cool little script I made that works to my elasticity worm thing. Three nodes are created and then foreach of those nodes there are 10 child nodes in a sense. <br /><br />Oh, and here is the kicker: It is All drawn using the Drawing API and it is less than 25 lines. :D (excluding '{' and function declarations)
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user venkiflash
venkiflash 1 decade ago

very nice....

user varoon
varoon 1 decade ago

how do i change the color and shape of the star ?

user gillsoriano
gillsoriano 1 decade ago

Is nice but only works in flash 6.0 AS.1

user DI-ANA
DI-ANA 1 decade ago


user marsen
marsen 1 decade ago

very nice and original
everything scripted no vectors and bitmaps