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user freeskier89
freeskier89 (34)

Terrain Collisions

The code is really really condensed, and if you wish to have it be a bit more understandable, see this thread: =2

Refresh the page to have it generate a new random terrain.
I will be interested in what you people think! Everything was created entirely with actionscript :beam:

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user Beyondal
Beyondal 9 years ago

very cool, I have time and want to help me I need a wizard like you to make a simple cloud movement that's realistic but not with realistic clouds pm me!

user lisakerr
lisakerr 1 decade ago

Really cool! Great job! You demonstrate exactly what would happen physics-wise in this experiment. I hope you got an A+!

user grooove
grooove 1 decade ago

totally love it!
What would you advice to improve my coding skills into this level?
Im an artist and designer, not to good with maths :(
Keep up with the good work!

user s1ckn3ss
s1ckn3ss 1 decade ago


user marsen
marsen 1 decade ago