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as3.0 lightweight Atom preloader

as 3.0 code only hence extremely lightweight preloader. Just place it at first frame of your movie. Easy to customize. If you like it/use it please send me a link and/or write nice comment. This file is free both for commercial and personal use.
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preloader as3 lightweight fast customize loader code script actionscript

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user jua1
jua1 1 decade ago

Really clean and beautiful. I like all your work, thank you for sharing.

user tuntz
tuntz 1 decade ago

Very nice! I liked!

user flapox6e
flapox6e 1 decade ago

cool like it- and makes an idea for coool site- if its ready you wil see it.. ( full space station-tells

user ankur
ankur 1 decade ago


user FC_FC
FC_FC 1 decade ago

Thanks nice work