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AS3 Preloader Class

Here is my preloader class,
it was written in actionscript 3.

you can view the example from ->

It's very easy to use just add these codes to your .fla file;

import com.*;
var preloader:PreloaderClass = new PreloaderClass("bonnie.jpg");

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preloader animation as3 class alp tugan alptugan

Download (893.11 KB)


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user sesharrim
sesharrim 9 years ago

<h1>HOLA !!</h1>

user astrolabb
astrolabb 9 years ago

very very very nice and so usefull !!

user dante11779
dante11779 1 decade ago

very nice, thank you kindly =)

user z12ent
z12ent 1 decade ago

Love it! I'm new to the whole flash experiance and was wondering how would I be able to load a video after it has loaded using this pre loader? Thank you and great job!

user Cadaval
Cadaval 1 decade ago

Very nice.

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