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user d3rson
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Blur Preloader

A preloader that shows percent of loaded content, the percent indicator moves with the mouse with a motion blur effect.
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user d3rson
the listing author d3rson 7 years ago

zahid, you can edit color of the "pct" text field, inside de "pct_mc" movieclip. I think this works.

user zahid2cyborg
zahid2cyborg 7 years ago

buddy how to change the preloader text's color??????

user marcorocks
marcorocks 8 years ago

The file is awssome but incomplete. You forgot to include the "" on the zip files.

user amcantada
amcantada 10 years ago

thanks for this... i'll use it on my portfolio goodddd workkk!!!

user bigflash
bigflash 10 years ago

I only saw the loader for a split second. Is there a way of previewing it for longer?

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