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user gimral
gimral (4)

Circle Preloader

Simple preloader with nearly everything customizable (number of circles, starting angle, total angle, color, speed and more).

Made some changes in it. Also with Flash 9.

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preloader circle

Download (18.24 KB)


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user vesper
vesper 14 years ago

i love this preloader and have tried to use it, i have had difficulties though,how exactly do one apply it, just to the 1st frame ? sorry this might sound dumb but not sure how the code is read would be appreciated.

user kpss3
kpss3 14 years ago

it is good. Kma benzemi:9

user abaloseba
abaloseba 14 years ago

Una animacion muy simple, con un texto sin caracteres embebidos. Apesta!

user hibestil
hibestil 14 years ago

I think very good but I have'nt got flash 11.

user leBruje
leBruje 14 years ago

Si tan simple eta, por que no subes uno que hayas hecho tu ?

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