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user RubenBristian
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Circular Glowing Preloader

This is a simple circular preloader with a pulsating glow effect. It's extremely small in size (only 1kb), and it's very easy to use. Just drag&drop to the first frame of your movie and the preloader will do the rest. It's easy to customize, change colors, etc. Every line of code is highly commented so you can understand very fast how it works.
Two version included : normal preloader & mouse...
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user manningb57
manningb57 10 years ago

Great Job!! Problem was that is went to fast for me to get a good look at it.

user enigmaze
enigmaze 1 decade ago

its dynamic

user ankur
ankur 1 decade ago

nice preloader..

user danyelle
danyelle 1 decade ago

thank you for sharing. Great job !

user Zakariya
Zakariya 1 decade ago


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