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Simple Preloader

this is a simple preloader.
Just drop it on first frame and your content at second frame...

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Download (392.46 KB)


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user fotis3d
fotis3d 10 years ago

Nevermind i got it.
My mistake.
Thanks again ;)

user fotis3d
fotis3d 10 years ago

Although it's working it doesn't show the numbering.
I'm exporting for flash 9 or 10 with AS2.
Do you know why ?

user kflorida
kflorida 1 decade ago

the download button says, "Flash 9, AS 2.0".

the downloaded file is flash 6, as1.0

just an fyi

user aquoon
aquoon 1 decade ago

wow.nice loader.i can't make it

user 9pixel
9pixel 1 decade ago

good work!

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