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user kires
kires (4)

Vintage Preloader

Vintage Preloader. Animation & percentage based. Easy to use and manage. Ready to use, all in one MC, just drag'n'drop to stage and change path to desired file. Professional, elegant and stylish look, smooth animations. Commented and with instruction.
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preloader vintage vistorian steampunk black white animated percentage pixel perfect drag and drop easy as3 actionscript lightweight fast robust professional elegant stylish simple smooth advanced progress customizable all in one dynamic movement easing high guality analog grey numbers font swirl

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user xdelao
xdelao 13 years ago

Hi, I'm loading a heavy file with this preloader and the problem is that the file load first than the preloader has end the counting, so you miss the first part of the animation.
Thanks, very cool preloader

user redrum
redrum 13 years ago


user kires
the listing author kires 13 years ago

Just checked & everything seems to be fine.
If you testing it on computer not online it will load very fast and thus appear it passes to loaded content immediately . Test it from server or use 'Simulate Download' in Flash with fairly low bandwidth setting. Hope this helps.

user vivianttttt
vivianttttt 13 years ago

Hello! Thanks for your reply. The file(vintage_preloader_CS3.swf)can't count 1 to 100. It passes very fast to next page(heavy.swf). Would you please help me! I love your design very much.

user kires
the listing author kires 13 years ago

>vivianttttt: what do you mean by "change the path"? Could you be more specific please?

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