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user ricko88
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Adobe Flash Simple Virtual Drum

Adobe Flash Simple Virtual Drum.
Click or keyboard press A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J or click to make the drum sounds.

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virtual drum sound sounds

Download (4.16 MB)


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VJOSHI 9 years ago


user sipheh2o
sipheh2o 11 years ago

awesome, helped me a lo with my project. Nice!!

user Serionax
Serionax 11 years ago


user superhasx
superhasx 12 years ago

any flash file supports for flash mx 2004

user duchman
duchman 12 years ago

Ha, ha, cool :)
Why not animating cymbals vibe, it would be nice!
You should use some minimal negative delay params on Number value, to get rid of latency thou..
Yeah, Rock on!

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