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user salvocortesiano
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Simple animation piano replica!
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user salvocortesiano
the listing author salvocortesiano 12 years ago

@shoshs and @hector1439: Because in my projectI needed so! However, in the source FLA, is easy to implement the desired effect :)
Thanks for the comment :)

user hector1439
hector1439 12 years ago

Beautifull but I agree with "shoshs" why not sounds on press and not when roll over?

user shoshs
shoshs 12 years ago

is fine, but it would be better it sounds when you press and not to roll your mouse over each button

user salvocortesiano
the listing author salvocortesiano 12 years ago

@brettmcmaugh, thanks for your reply :)

user brettmcmaugh
brettmcmaugh 12 years ago

It can take up to a week or so, be patient..
It depends on the FFiles members to rate or comment to help with the process of approval from the admin...
NOTE: If this is a replica of your own project or another... if its another and not yours i suggest removing it ..even though its freeware im sure the liscence wont allow it...
Apart from that i thinks its fine..

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