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Simple animation piano replica!
Listing url: www.netshadows.it/forum.leombre/
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user salvocortesiano
the listing author salvocortesiano 8 years ago

@shoshs and @hector1439: Because in my projectI needed so! However, in the source FLA, is easy to implement the desired effect :)
Thanks for the comment :)

user hector1439
hector1439 8 years ago

Beautifull but I agree with "shoshs" why not sounds on press and not when roll over?

user shoshs
shoshs 8 years ago

is fine, but it would be better it sounds when you press and not to roll your mouse over each button

user salvocortesiano
the listing author salvocortesiano 9 years ago

@brettmcmaugh, thanks for your reply :)

user brettmcmaugh
brettmcmaugh 9 years ago

It can take up to a week or so, be patient..
It depends on the FFiles members to rate or comment to help with the process of approval from the admin...
NOTE: If this is a replica of your own project or another... if its another and not yours i suggest removing it ..even though its freeware im sure the liscence wont allow it...
Apart from that i thinks its fine..

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