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animal family application

an as3 application that dynamically populates and sorts menus, sub-menus, thumbnails and large view pics and description from an external xml file. Note: not sure if the dummy info I used for this demo is at all accurate...
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as3 actionscript application xml interface

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user tristan197
tristan197 9 years ago

well done!

user heomongbu
heomongbu 9 years ago


user ovm.surendar
ovm.surendar 10 years ago

Nice work friend...!

user designbeast
the listing author designbeast 1 decade ago

Thanks for the kind words guys!

This project was built with cs5, I would provide you guys with a cs4 version if I could (I've done so on numerous occasions in the past), unfortunately, believe it or not, my computer crashed sometime ago and I didn't have a backup saved.

Worry not though, I am due to put up another tutorial file pretty soon ( as soon as my work slowed down a bit), stay tune!

In the meantime, for more in-depth tutorials on actionscript, you guys can check out my blog at:


user Hjai
Hjai 1 decade ago

Excellent website, DesignBeast. I'm especially fond of the video background on your home site. I have a fellow in one of my classes who's attempting to create something very similar and I have a sneaking suspicion, based on his IA documents, you may be his inspiration ;)

I was wondering if you could provide a CS4 version of this file? Based on your writing and tips from your site, I think your development structure might be a good place to start learning how to follow good practices.

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