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Bouncey Windows

I made this in AS3 a whle a go...I kinda got carried away when I learnt how to script tween...So...I removed all the content and coloured it in with sickly colours then uploaded it here.You may find it useful.Or you may just want to comment on it being basic...So before you do..Yes,yes..I know its basic..pfff...Bouncey bouncey.
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user otto1303
otto1303 1 decade ago

Very, very nice.

user leefy
the listing author leefy 1 decade ago

Sure by all means...I don't even want credit...Just give us all a link so we can all see how you've used it...It may give me some ideas or someone else. ;-)

user Ewee8
Ewee8 1 decade ago

Can I please use this as my website?

user rahul23
rahul23 1 decade ago

gud one

user daniuva
daniuva 1 decade ago

Puxa, guy finally AS3 is what we need

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