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user RubenBristian
RubenBristia.. (15)

Creative Template I - Photographers Portfolio

This template is a website designed mainly for photographers and designers, but if you are creative, you can use it for anything :) Main features : cool photo navigation system with dragging

resizing of all images, while keeping the aspect ratios

html pages with images and swf files

horizontal menu(two levels) which gives you the possibilty to have unlimited galleries and html...
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website template flash cool photography

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user sandyravi
sandyravi 11 years ago

its awesome

user sushant.tawde
sushant.tawde 11 years ago

Great Work....

user sweethyang
sweethyang 12 years ago

so nice
thank you ;)!

user nisca
nisca 13 years ago

very nice!!! muito bom mesmo....

user Dybo
Dybo 13 years ago

thank you all!

i'm happy to see how you can help!!

thank you very much......

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