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enterprise professional presentation

this is an enterpise professional presentation highly customizable that also works with text files,XML picture gallery and 3D animation also includes PSD files to modify your enterprise logo anytime you want to

hope u like it!!!

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user denisguinho
denisguinho 10 years ago

Good Job

PEDROTJ 1 decade ago


user jcotillas
jcotillas 1 decade ago

nice work!

user ctanghui
ctanghui 1 decade ago

Hi, anblick1, what a wounderful work! I am new in flash template. I have just found this template ,and I love it to use for a test.

I just wonder if there is any way to have one o two of the menu with submenus. If so, please let me know how to do that.
Also, I have try to put in the some texts in the products file, I realised the texts are all same for each foto, and all stay in the first line on top the big imagen. How can I put different comment for each photo, and is it possible to move the text to the blank place beside of the big photo?

Thank you very much for your comments and assistance.

user faberline
faberline 1 decade ago

perfect job !

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