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user CalgarC
CalgarC (3)

monochrome v2.1

There was a small scripting error with version 2.0 so i fixed it ehre is the good version. Here is an edit of a web template made by sirlsaac<br />this edit adds some music it edits the buttons and changes fonts.<br />and ads sound to the animations at the start. i also added a preloader and right click menu.
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user nannie_nk
nannie_nk 10 years ago

it's great

user mrk79uk
mrk79uk 1 decade ago

Error opening include file File not found.

I am new to flash so I appologize if this is a stupid question. I recieve this error upon opening the project. Also the navigation of the buttons is slightly off. Is this due to the same error code?

user zerozign
zerozign 1 decade ago


user Ayhan1317
Ayhan1317 1 decade ago

great job a bueatuful profisyoneLs ;)

user m_lokeshkumar
m_lokeshkumar 1 decade ago

great job;;;;;;;;

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