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Simple Static Flash Template

This is a simple flash template.
To edit, you should have basic knowledge of flash.
To edit the text in all page , go to library and open the folder all text. double click on text symbol and change whatever you need.

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simple flash template

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user leesung7777
leesung7777 1 decade ago

Thanks for your comment.

user ericfontoura
ericfontoura 1 decade ago

It's ok, luckyvivek.

user franklin_fer
franklin_fer 1 decade ago

I Like it.
luckyvivek - thanks for sharing your work
Franklin Ferreira
Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

user flash007
the listing author flash007 1 decade ago

Hello ericfontoura

Thanks for your comment.
I will try to learn from your comment and try to develop good flash
You can see my listing at mmfiles

user ericfontoura
ericfontoura 1 decade ago

it's ok.

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