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user designbeast
designbeast (4)

smooth transitions with fullscreen alignment

hard-coded smooth transitions between pages with full screen alignment that always centers the image and the background during and after the transitions, they continue to stay centered on resize as well.
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user fluffy
fluffy 13 years ago

wow thanks, beast.. im amased how easy that was. Love your work and your site(video background N1)


user ezzz
ezzz 13 years ago

all your files are very useful for me

user designbeast
the listing author designbeast 13 years ago

Hi fluffy, my fla is in cs5 but you can certainly still open up my actionscript file and look at the code, it's all there. Let me explain to you in plain English briefly: you'll basically need a variable that holds whichever Movieclip is the one that's currently displayed (in my example, it's the var named currentM ), and depending on which button you click, you'll reset the value of your currentM, so take the code I have starting from line 97 for example, that's the scenario when you click on button number two, you'll first fade or move the original currentM out, and then, set your second Movieclip as the currentM, then fade that in, so next time, when you click on another button, your second Movieclip is now the currentM, and it'll get animated before the value of your currentM gets shifted to the corresponding Movieclip.

user fluffy
fluffy 13 years ago

Id really like to look into the transitions n stuff.. can anyone provide a CS4 version? Id be really grateful

user designbeast
the listing author designbeast 13 years ago

Hey guys! sorry about the extremely delay response! I guess the folks at ffiles don't notify authors when people post comments or questions!?

Anyhow, to caiovj, I started coding since as3, so I wouldn't even know how to do this is as2, sorry!

to BomboJeepers, yeah, this is made with cs5, I always try to upgrade to the newest version of adobe software whenever possible, but a word of advise, flash cs5 is so buggy, if you haven't upgrade yet, don't bother!

also, I did this by writing all the raw code myself, but soon after I posted this, I discover the amazing Gaia Framework, which actually automates a lot of utility tasks from this project, to flash developer at any skill level, I highly recommend checking out this amazing framework!

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