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user webtasarim
webtasarim (6)

dynamic text effect as2

if u can change and make like swish effect at flash. very simple and cool effect for dynamic banner
tutorial and more at

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dynamic text effect

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user asayuzgec
asayuzgec 7 years ago

Gzel alma eline salk

user kolstertjie
kolstertjie 8 years ago

How do I add my own text

user hypno2000
hypno2000 10 years ago

Hi Webtasarim, Thank you for your reply. I tried changing 2 to 3, but it doesnt work, also there is only "if" and "else", so where should I put my 3rd text? (I tried "endif", still not working).
It will be great if you can upload an updated version-2.

Btw, I tried to contact you through your website, and it seems you contact page is not sending(error).

Thanks for the help.

user webtasarim
the listing author webtasarim 10 years ago

only change codes for limit of line charecters and after give a new x y coordinats

user hypno2000
hypno2000 10 years ago

What if I want to have 3 lines ?

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