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Easily Modifiable Text Animations

Simple to use text effect animation - Add text to display within the actionscript, then experiment by changing values in the actionscript file.

Endless possibilities.

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user tommyos
tommyos 9 years ago

To change the color, just edit the MovieClipe "letter" to whatever color you want.
The problem here is that the animation stops after the text shows and I want it to keep playing the movie to the end... how I do that?

user jada0786
jada0786 1 decade ago

ok, please forgive the following question, which will probably be perceived as dumb. Butm how do i access the html code for this text animation? i downloaded the file and opened the notepad document that says "copy html code" but the code that comes up has a bunch of funny characters and looks nothing like html code i've ever seen. what am i doing wrong?

user ifuwant2know
ifuwant2know 1 decade ago

You have some truly impressive scripts here!

user selam65
selam65 1 decade ago


user smlie4
smlie4 1 decade ago

I want to change the font colour to white so I added modified line 53 in the action script so that it looks like this.

format.font = "Arial";
format.color = 0xFFFFFF;

But when I preview the text colour is still black. I have done some google searching and this is the code other sites say to change font colour. Help.

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