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user sr.alex
sr.alex (6)

Text format with Actionscript 3.0 & CSS

Customize your dynamic text with AS 3.0 Class and CSS.
Simple and usefull you can format your text with few passes.

In the zip file:

text.txt (text file in html format);
exemple.css (css file wich will customize your text;
index.fla (flash file - CS5);
indexCS4.fla (flash file - CS4); (actionscript class);



Alessanro Canessa - web designer / flash developer

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textfield actionscript 3 css format text csstext

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user wolneymamede
wolneymamede 13 years ago

Hello Alessandro,

Congratulations for your work.
If you can help me, I have a question:
What software can I use to edit the file "text.txt" and simultaneously displaying the text formatting?
In other words, WYSIWYG - "What You See Is What You Get. "


Wolney Mamede (Brasil)