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Text Imput Effect v0.2

Click the flash area once to focus then press keyboard buttons to type text.<br /><br />Text Imput Effect v0.02<br />changeLog:<br />- Now Backspace works :)<br />- Now all the letters, are lowerCase<br />- Added speedBar<br />- Added litle loader O.o<br />known bugs.<br /> - about the shift, i work on it, at now, u can just imput text in the normal case, Shift and Capslock have to be off <br... more >
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user adrianluty
adrianluty 1 decade ago

include ""?

user adrianluty
adrianluty 1 decade ago

not run what do it?

user clarissems
clarissems 1 decade ago

very nice

user najeempopal
najeempopal 1 decade ago

gud job man well done

user lolivierdubassin
lolivierdubassin 1 decade ago

well can a beginner know how to use it ... ?