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Writing Text

This is kind of a nice effect for forms. When you click on a text field that has the default text for the text field in it, the next is taken off in a "write-off" fashion. Deselecting an empty text field will cause the text to be written back on. However, text that the user types in will remain in the field. The speed that the text is written off at is easily adjustable and the default... more >
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deanmale2001 10 years ago


user manojprabhu
manojprabhu 1 decade ago

awesome site!

user smahalko
smahalko 1 decade ago

Any chance of getting some info on how to "use" this nice effect?! No comments in the code ( that I saw ).

user ajitsree
ajitsree 1 decade ago

really nice one...thanks

user memberr
memberr 1 decade ago

that some very cool work you share with us here !!!
awesome, thank you !

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