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AS3 Scrollbar

This is an AS3 Scrollbar class to use wherever you want. Simply change the movieclips in the fla file. You can change any element, even replacing the content to be dragged (font or even type of the elements). Be sure to include the in the fla folder when exporting. At the listing url, you can find a version of the scrollbar, with wheel management enabled. Enjoy
Listing url:
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user akram85s
akram85s 1 decade ago

working perfectly

user amituser
amituser 1 decade ago

Hey not working I guesss you missed to add caurina.transitions.Tweener

Regarsd - Amit

user smahalko
smahalko 1 decade ago

I tried to view this "in action" in flash, but got a few errors:
1172: Definition net.fuoridalcerchio.utils:Scrollbar could not be found.

user salesmendes
salesmendes 1 decade ago


user fleshmaker
the listing author fleshmaker 1 decade ago

be sure to check the comments at s/2008/03/04/as3scrollbar/
and check version 2 of the scrollbar class at ace/fully_customizable_scrollbar_class_v _2_1742.html

this should resolve your problem :)

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