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AS3 Slider Portfolio

A xml driven portfolio that fits itself on the bottom of the stage. It also fits the images preserving its proportions. Edit the xml files and have fun.
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slider gallery xml actionscript 3

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user kaischo
kaischo 10 years ago

you need doing the analising method for the text guys

user bruno_is
bruno_is 1 decade ago

thanks for sharing!

user ezzz
ezzz 1 decade ago

it took me sometime to know that I should drag the slider and not to click it but it's cool thanks very much for sharing

user WillyG66
WillyG66 1 decade ago

You need flash CS4 (Professional) to open the main .fla

user BeesWaxed
BeesWaxed 1 decade ago

Nice, but i cannot open main .fla in flash CS3? I get 'unexpected file format'. Can anyone help me with this? THanks

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