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cartoon character application

another dynamic data-centric, xml driven application that can be altered and customized through updating the fla and xml. All the menu items are xml-generated depending on the category selection of the data.
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user luinz
luinz 8 years ago

10 star!! nice..

user tristan197
tristan197 8 years ago

Nice, well done! Great! Can't access ur URL.

user designbeast
the listing author designbeast 1 decade ago

Glad I can help, the structure of this app can pretty much be the basis of any enterprise application, pay particular attention of the use of value objects in this app and how each "page" communicates with one another through custom events.

user sushant.tawde
sushant.tawde 1 decade ago

Its too good man. really help to create a category type gallry.

user designbeast
the listing author designbeast 1 decade ago

Thanks for the kind words, jitu50! I've been pretty busy at work lately building an Ipad app with flash CS5, it's been pretty crazy but lots of fun, but I will definitely find time to work on other tutorial files to share with you guys! Like I said, I am currently working on an app with and intro, I'll post it here once it's done! Thanks again for all the feedback guys!

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