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user RubenBristian
RubenBristia.. (15)

Color Picker Component

Color Picker component is a simple color picker that you can use in your projects. It is very easy to use. It has only two parameters that control the align of the large panel and the color. The component has one event that is fired whenever the color is changed. This event has two parameters : old color and new color. Just drag&drop and use it anywhere you want.
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user tedbell
tedbell 14 years ago

Nice - thanks for this little gem!

user walli123
walli123 15 years ago

how can i set a the color to the color i need? i have a textfield with a color an want to set de seleted color of this to the value of the textcolor

user sleepdragon
sleepdragon 15 years ago

Very Good ^ ^

user chuy
chuy 15 years ago

very useful, cheers.

user shreeprasad
shreeprasad 15 years ago

Very GOOOD. It is Very usefull for website which clients need it. Thanks

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