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Combo Box with XML

Is a simple to use combo box.
You can change the graphic easily and change the items by the XML.

Thank you for downloading!

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combobox combo box menu xml

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user HanifiMercan
HanifiMercan 7 years ago

you can use this only once. This is broken

user Angsuman
Angsuman 9 years ago

this is gr8..i am loving it

user alexgl2004
alexgl2004 9 years ago

I think, element need mask on the top, bacause if you fast click on dropdown button, text stay visible above inputbox. Usebility...

user sr.alex
the listing author sr.alex 9 years ago

thanks, i'll try to fix it soon ! :)

user alexgl2004
alexgl2004 9 years ago

There is some trouble with shadow of expanded list somtimes.

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