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Control sound volume

Adding sound to your site can improve the user experience but not offering a way to control the sound could irritate the user and make him go away forever, and we don't want that. We will build a slider that will help us to increase or decrease the sound volume and will learn how to load mp3s that we import in the Flash Library.
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user yyaahhoo
yyaahhoo 1 decade ago


user xtremer
xtremer 1 decade ago

thanks.. i was looking for one like this

user picassoo
picassoo 1 decade ago

lol the sond is from Rapid :))) cooll I em fro mromania and my tim futbol is rapid

user reddigitall
reddigitall 1 decade ago

Very nice, is perfect for me

user pwason
pwason 1 decade ago

How to you change the code if you want the music to start automatically with the stop option?
Currently it's set to stop with the play option.

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