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Easing Mc Scroller

Try this Wonderful Movie Clip Scroller for your project. I was doing a flash project with a tight deadline; I had no time to create a Movie Clip Easing Scroller. I found many Scrollers and when embed to my Flash Project, the masking never worked and never scrolled my content. Therefore, I decided to share this file among all. This Code written by - Billy T, is a wonderful Scroller to attach... more >
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user wiyono
wiyono 1 decade ago

Scroll is going.. but not all text show... but is ok... yesterday i make 3 text... and then all showing...

Thank you so much..

user iahamed
the listing author iahamed 1 decade ago

Hi, Just double click on the MC and inside the mc where the txt could be selected, add the text. I coded this and used for many international web sites hard core level no problem at all. Make sure your text is (properties panel) set to Anti-alias for readability and Static Text for betterment.

user wiyono
wiyono 1 decade ago

Can you help? i put new text and so many...
and then i set the text type "Anti Aliasing..."
and then the text not all show... but the scroll all show.. only the text not show...
Can you help me?
Thank you..

user tfdhc
tfdhc 1 decade ago

Yeah absolutelly awesome work! It's so simple but by the greatest way. I will using it in future. And for sure when i get profit, I donate You man, so much thanks!

user puffylamb
puffylamb 1 decade ago

Excellent work! Simple and smooth!

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