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user ibadmd
ibadmd (14)

easing Scroller v2

This is an improved version of the easing scroller I put up last time. It is very similar to the ultimateScroller on All code has been written by me. Works with Flash MX 2004 or higher with Actionscript 2.0.<br />New Features:<br />1. Scrollbar Easing<br />2. Pixel Fonts compatible.<br />3. Everything remains sharp.<br />4. Easing Speed can be changed through first frame in the... more >
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user m.elbadawy
m.elbadawy 13 years ago

Can I use it for commercial use?


user drashti
drashti 14 years ago

Really Great! works perfectly fine even when changed the size....
Good Job!!!

user rsecrets247
rsecrets247 14 years ago

What a great Scrollbar... Thank You! I am having some problems duplicating it for different pages and resizing it in Flash. If I resize one Scroller it resizes all of them and then it won't scroll. I need some help.

Thank you,

user mattnestor
mattnestor 14 years ago

I am using this scroller to load content dynamically however the scroller doesn't reset for each new set of content. Any idea how I can snap to the top of the content with this?

user chilcanito
chilcanito 15 years ago

Really great, thanks very much.

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