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user ibadmd
ibadmd (14)

Easing Scroller v3full

Almost same as ultimateScrollerFX( The best of all my easing scroller uploads. This is afully customsable component with full skinning features.

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Download (122.65 KB)


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user azzhole
azzhole 14 years ago

thanx alot,very usefull

user oilbattle
oilbattle 15 years ago

how do i scroll horizontally

user gundam_toby07
gundam_toby07 16 years ago

cool...thanx alot...

user guard
guard 16 years ago

cool.. hey man i have question ..
do you know .. how can make easing scroll txt with motion blur ?
plz help me.

user satiss
satiss 16 years ago

Can we use external text like XML for that scroller?