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External SWF Loader and Swapper Thing

A buddy of mine approached me about something his worked asked him to do. He wanted to know if there was a simpler way to do what they were asking through a dynamic actionscript setup. He basically had a bunch of separate graph files saved as swfs/flas. Those swfs needed to be loaded into a main file and placed in a vertical column. Each swf had anywhere from 3, 4, 5 or more "states" and... more >
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user tombrokeoff
the listing author tombrokeoff 1 decade ago

@ lovromar - there are two actionscript files included, and Also, I have files that are newer than these that I never posted on here. If you would like them, then find a way to get me your email address. You might have to leave it as a comment. The newer files dont have a couple of the bugs that are in this one.

user lovromar
lovromar 1 decade ago

i downloaded file but fla file doesnt have and as code inside? :((
Help....this flash kicks azz!

user mailpoint26
mailpoint26 1 decade ago

good scripting Great! Thanks for sharing.

user ishfar
ishfar 1 decade ago

good scripting

user Revixi5
Revixi5 1 decade ago

Great! Thanks for sharing.

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